[frame src=”wp-content/uploads/2011/10/kate-spade-passport-case-graphite.jpg” width=”118″ height=”160″ align=”right” style=”3″ linkstyle=”normal” linksto=”/passport-case/” title=”Passport Case”]If you travel internationally, you will know that the most important item that you carry is your passport. More than your luggage, more than your ticket, the most important item that you have is your passport. Without it, you will be stranded, and stuck with no way to leave the country you are in. You protect your clothes with luggage, your money with a wallet, your laptop with a case, you should definitely protect the most important document you will carry with a passport case.

A passport is sturdy enough booklet when it get’s little use. It’s fine when it is left in a drawer or on a shelf, but when it gets regular use, it’s best to place it in a protective passport case to ensure that it lasts for the 10 years of use it needs to get. Below, you will find some of the best passport cases on the market. One of these will certainly protect that most valuable item—your passport.